As many of you will be aware, measures are being taken to reduce the amount of Ashford Borough Council’s Allotment budget that is spent on water provision across our sites with the aim of avoiding rent increases in the future due to these costs.

You will no doubt have noticed that hose pipes are now banned on council run plots. In association with the Alloment Working Group, we will be following one Ashford allotment holder, known as The Good Doctor, for a year as he gardens his plot without the use of a hose pipe – to show how it can be done.

Here is the Doctor’s first post. This is only a short update as it was written before this weekend’s glorious weather and the true start to the growing season for many.  But check back for regular updates.


Land prepared and ready for planting

Land prepared and ready for planting

Not much happening in the allotment at the moment, but I have two rows of parsnips and two rows of beetroot, not showing through yet.


Still I’ve just dug up the last of the leeks. When I put these in last year, I watered them in and gave them about a cupful each. I didn’t water them again, but as the picture shows they developed good roots and made fine plants. My wife will wrap ham around them and cook them in a strong cheddar sauce. Yummee!


With all the rain this winter my water butts have filled up nicely. I have three, but I never use all of them. My water butts will keep me in water for the rest of the season; I’ll only use the water for the initial watering in of the courgettes, pumpkins, marrows, and chrysanthemums. The Good Doctor.