Allotment Newsletter Christmas 2016

At the end of 2016 I would like to wish you all festive greetings and best wishes for a successful year in 2017 for your allotment gardening.

December /January
There is still time in this mild weather to be doing a few jobs on the allotment.
You may want to consider trying a’ no dig ‘approach for part of your plot and see if it can make a difference but you will need to heavily mulch the plot with good quality weed free compost and manure and cover the plot over the winter, If you use a thick layer of say garden leaves you will need to also add extra fertiliser in the spring.

Maybe check the pH of the soil and check its suitability for your crops . There are many cheap kits available. Some wood chips can make the soil quite acidic.
Add lime if you are going to grow cabbages next season.

You may be still picking leeks and sprouts. Parsnips can be left in the ground until needed.
The festive season is an ideal time to start planning the allotment for next year and there are still lots of copies of the Kings Seed catalogues at the Trading store. You will have to send your own order off.

Those who already sent in orders can collect their seeds anytime the store is open.

The Trading Store
At the moment if it is quiet we have been closing at 12.00 pm.
Next year our first opening is on the 14th January from 10.00am til 12.00
We have a wide range of good quality composts and fertilisers for very reasonable prices.
The pre ordered seeds are ready to be picked up.
The pre ordered potatoes will be ready for collection throughout February.
The store will be open every Saturday in February and a complete set of opening dates will soon be available on the website and sent out by email.

Visits and Events
We will be soon planning a trip or visit for 2017 so if you have any ideas on places to go please contact me or any committee member with your suggestions.
We had a successful display of pumpkins and thanks to all who brought along their pumpkins for display.

Best wishes for a very Happy Christmas and New Year and 2017 .
Penny Winston.

Allotment Newsletter Christmas 2016
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