Here`s how the Aadhaar authentication system works: to achieve this authentication, they can become either an AUA or a sub-AUA. RailTel already offers the IRCTC authentication service for the concession of senior train tickets for the IRCTC and e-wallet registration. The link between Aadhaar cards and senior tickets is a beneficial measure designed to streamline the booking process for people in this category. A great advantage of aadaar train bookings for seniors is that it will prevent Touts and unauthorized agents from booking tickets under false names and selling them at a higher price. Vey soon RailTel will also help IRCTC authenticate all types of discounted tickets and book tickets online via Aadhaar Card. Agarwala says Aad`s hair authentication is useful to avoid duplication while hiring an employee or renting the part. “It`s a system in which authentication can be done with 100% security, unlike authentication with other identifiers. For example, I hire a person for a job. He can end up stealing things and evacuating the place. The thief can then get a job elsewhere by presenting another piece of identification. But that can`t happen with Aadhaar authentication. To make it more complete, we`ve added a Feedback feature to our app.

If you hire someone, you can comment on them in the app, based on the credentials that can be created over a period of time,” he explains. In addition to BSE, Depots — Central Depository Services (India) Ltd (CDSL) and National Securities Depository Ltd (NSDL) – were also authorized to use e-KYC (Electronic-Know Your Customer) authentication in accordance with a Sebi circular. BetterPlace is currently limited to B2B service and works largely with e-commerce companies, security companies and hospitals looking to authenticate a person for credit or hiring. Therefore, if a company wants to do authentication through its own application, it can use the API developed by Khosla Labs and create integration. In addition, Khosla Labs also offers an authentication service for those looking for hair-based authentication. The authentication process will be completed in a few hours, if the requirement is set in a correct format.