“third-party products,” all beverage products manufactured or distributed by a person other than the customer or their related business. The customer and his related companies (as defined below) operate in the area of brand ownership, manufacturing and distribution of many types and brands of alcohol and non-alcoholic products worldwide; and outsourcing your bottling and production management to MyDrink not only gives you access to our knowledge and know-how, but also saves you valuable time and money. If you work with MyDrink, you can focus your attention and resources on your important sales and marketing strategy. A dispute arose between the parties to the agreement on the production of alcoholic beverages after the purchaser, a company that markets, distributes and distributes alcoholic beverages, raised quality control issues with the manufacturer, a brewery, a distillery and a winery that produces the buyer`s “chocolate and wine cream blends” and a “mix of cream and coffee alcohol”. Just let us know what your needs are and we`ll find the best solution for your drink. Section 9.1 Compensation by the customer. The client places the company and its representatives unscathed and against any debt, penalty, cost, loss, damages and expenses (including, but not limited, reasonable legal fees and fees) resulting (i) from a violation of this agreement by the client; any inaccuracy or violation of an insurance, warranty, agreement or agreement made by the customer in the customer or in a document provided by or in connection with the client; (iii) violation of a person`s trademark rights resulting from the exploitation or exploitation of intellectual property by the company in connection with these undertakings and in accordance with the provisions of this site; (iv) the death or injury of a person, or damage or loss of property resulting from or from defects in the customer`s mass deliveries, unless the death, injury, deterioration or loss was caused or caused by the company; and v) all claims, claims, remedies, proceedings, judgments and judgments that are related to any of the previous matters. Accurate market forecasts will help you understand how much product you need to produce when. The smallest order you can place, or the minimum amount of order (MOQ), varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. It is important not only to evaluate the MOQs required in each facility, but also the ability to store your drink and the costs associated with this option. Section 3.10 Additional commitments per company. With regard to the provision of services, the company also undertakes not to do any deed or anything that, in one way or another, significantly affects: (i) the name of the client or the value of the intellectual property; (ii) the customer`s image as a producer and distributor of high quality products; or (iii) the company`s image as a producer and packer of high quality products. (b) the execution and provision of this contract by the customer is carried out and the execution of this agreement by the customer is carried out within the framework of the client`s business powers, which are duly approved by all necessary business measures, not: (i) violate the client`s charter or statutes; (ii) to violate laws, regulations, regulations, injunctions, writings, judgments, orders, regulations, findings or access decisions currently applicable to the client; (iii) in violation of a contract, loan agreement, credit contract, mortgage, loyalty, leasing or other deed, agreement or agreement (written or or oral) that binds or affects the client or his real estate, or to lag behind; or (iv) the creation or imposition of pawn duties, security interests or other charges of any kind or other type of preferential regime on or in relation to any of the client`s characteristics.