Allotment Working Group

What is the Allotment Working Group?

The Ashford Allotment working group is formed of allotment holders, Ashford Borough Council representatives and members of Ashford Alloment Society’s committee. The group meet regularly to discuss council proposals for allotment services and work with the council to improve Ashford’s allotment sites.

Members of the Allotment Working Group:

Ashford Borough Council:
Julie Rogers – Head of Environmental and Customer services
Chair Jonathan Longley – Environmental Contracts and Operations Manager
Eileen Law – Allotments Officer Ashford Allotment Society

Tenants and plot holders:
Penny Winston – Bybrook Allotments, (site rep) Chair Ashford Allotment Society
Brian Spencer – Musgrove Allotments
Jonathan Goodwin – Willam Road Allotments
Andy Symonds – William & Jemmett Allotments
Stefan Heathfield – Gas House Fields Allotments (site rep)
Emma Dew – Westrees Allotments
Christine Green – Henwood Allotments (site rep)
National Allotment Society Steve Clements – South East Rep

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