Jobs to do in the Allotment – Month of February

Despite the wet weather that we have been experiencing recently it is still possible to be preparing the allotment for warmer and drier conditions providing that the soil is not too saturated.

Try digging a small patch and see if you can start to get a fine tilth ready for your Spring planting of Broad beans and even Early peas. Some people like to get in a sowing of Parsnips if the ground is suitable as these benefit from a long growing season.

If the soil is too wet however don’t plant seeds as they may rot and you will have to start again when the weather is better.

If you intend to grow brassicas you may want to lime the soil with a light application in the next weeks.

If you have a greenhouse now is the perfect time to clean it thoroughly with a weak solution of Jeyes Fluid washing the staging, windows and  pots if clay or plastic as well as seed trays which you used last year.

It is a good time to check your mower, organise your tools, sharpen blades, and check your sheds for leaks or rodents.

Sowing  seeds :

Those with any type of heated greenhouse or heated propagators may want to get ahead by sowings of leeks, onions and even tomatoes and chillis.

Plan a planting programme and look through seed catalogues for any varieties you may not have.

When you have bought your seed potatoes unpack them and put into a cool dry frost free place ideally in old egg boxes to ‘chit ‘ which means they begin to form healthy sprouts to ensure good growth after planting .

Jobs to do in the Allotment – Month of February
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