December 2020 Newsletter

This has been an extraordinary year for cultivating  allotments  with the Corona Virus affecting all our lives. We are currently just out of a second lockdown and in tier 3 but fortunately throughout the year we have been able to benefit from going to our plots and cultivating fruit vegetables and flowers. At this time of year it is important to try and keep weeds down over the winter months by mulching or using ground cover where possible. Our allotments  have been a source of pleasure for us in a difficult year  and I am…continue reading →

September 2020 Newsletter

Dear Tenants We are now at that time of year where the day length is beginning to shorten and  many plot holders spend less time at the allotment. Together with  the very sunny weather currently we have had a dry year overall but  there are plenty of jobs that can be done during the autumn. Covering your plot with suitable ground cover really helps to reduce weeds. Dig up any potatoes that are still in the ground and harvest the last of the crops and make a compost heap with any plants that…continue reading →

Newsletter July 2020

Dear Allotment tenants We are now seeing some easing of the measures out in place during the COVID 19 pandemic but please keep to all the guidelines currently in place to make our visits to the allotments as safe as they can be for everyone . I urge you however to remain careful about stringent hygiene before and after visiting your plot especially with the sanitising the locks and gates after use. It is a busy time with lots to do including trying to keep the soil and plants suitably hydrated during the…continue reading →

Newsletter May 2020

Dear Allotment tenants We are still in exceptional times and it has been obvious how many of you have been able to get out for the limited exercise allowed so far and tend your allotment. It does now seem as though unless self isolating or shielding we can enjoy further trips out each day for exercise and so the allotments can form part of this as an activity. I urge you however to remain careful about stringent hygiene before and after visiting your plot and keeping the government guidelines of a 2 metre…continue reading →

Summer 2019 Newsletter

Dear Tenants We are now at that time of year where the days are at their longest and when many plot holders can spend more time at the allotment. Despite some very unseasonal weather, crops are growing well. Last week all sites were visited by myself and Brenda to judge the plots in pouring rain and I want to thank the site reps who also gave up their time in terrible conditions to meet us to assist in the process. Congratulations to all those who have maintained their plots to such high standards.…continue reading →

Spring 2019 Newsletter

Another year is well underway and we enjoyed the exceptionally warm conditions in late February which has helped to get an early start on sowing indoor seeds...

December 2018 Newsletter

Dear TenantsAnother year is almost over and I hope you are able to reflect on some successes during the growing season despite the rather exceptional weather.This is an ideal time to consider plans for next year and consolidate what grows well on your site and maybe look out for one or two different or more experimental crops. This year I tried sweet potato but without a lot of success but I am going to try again one more time in 2019 in a different part of the allotment.Why not try a small area…continue reading →

December 2017 Newsletter

The allotment society's last newsletter of the year is available to read now with information on 2018 Trading Store opening and planning for the season ahead. From everyone at Ashford Allotment Society we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.continue reading →