Bybrook Cemetery

Bybrook Cemetery allotments are in an unusual situation at the far end of a public cemetery. Bybrook Barn Garden Centre is nearby. This is a secluded spot although there is some noise from the motorway, depending on wind direction.


This smallish site of about 12 plots is reached through the cemetery, on Cemetery Lane. There is also a pedestrian side entrance. The cemetery gates are normally open from early in the morning – dawn except in high summer when dawn is at 4am – until dusk. As bonfires are only allowed on allotment sites after sunset, this means it isn’t practical to burn material on this site. To find Cemetery Lane turn off Canterbury Road by the Harvester Restaurant
This site has one water point. The noticeboard is by the main gate.

Soil and situation

Bybrook is on the London Clay to be found in the lower parts of Ashford; however, unlike some other sites it doesn’t get too badly waterlogged in a normal winter. In summer it is slower to dry out. The soil is fertile and, with improvement using humus and, ideally, sand, will give excellent results. Some parts of the site are slightly shaded by trees, but that is not too big a problem here.

Below is the plan of plots from the Council. Every effort will be made to keep it up to date but minor changes may occur over time. The main entrance is at the padlock symbol at the bottom of the plan. The padlock symbol on the righthand side indicates the side pedestrian gate.