The allotments are between Churchfield Way and Bridge Street. Access is via a single-width gate from a footpath leading out of Churchfield Way. It is not possible to take cars onto the allotment site.

PLEASE NOTE: Wye has two sets of allotments; those owned by Ashford Borough Council, and two other sites of parish allotments. These are known as Beanfield and Churchfield. The Borough allotments are known (confusingly) as Churchfield Way – in the context of the Society they are often just referred to as ‘Wye’

Soil and situation

Wye Churchfield Way site is on some of the best soil of all the sites – it is no accident that an agricultural college was set up nearby. Because of its situation in a gap in the chalk downs, the soil is naturally limy, but friable and easy to work. Some of the plots, especially those at the far end from the gate, are partly shaded at some times of the day.