December Newsletter 2019

By Jonathan Goodwin, 17th January 2023

Dear Tenants

We are now at that time of year where the day length is at its shortest and many plot holders spend less time at the allotment. Despite the seasonal weather currently we have had and a very wet autumn which has meant some plots are waterlogged and difficult to dig.

If you do cover your plot with groundcover please make sure it is firmly weighted down with suitable materials and not unsightly rubble. Many people are trying a no dig approach so the use of this weed suppressant is important over the winter months. It is an ideal time to browse through seed catalogues and make plans for your planting in 2020. Some seeds like chillis which need a long growing season can be sown in January on a warm windowsill. It would be really impressive if we could all try to garden on our allotments in a more sustainable way over the next year and there are simple things we could do to be a part of this. For example, don’t buy compost containing peat. Harvest as much water as you can. Try to beat the pests and diseases with fewer chemicals and attempt slug control with a less damaging alternative to the metaldehyde pellets which are now back in shops after being withdrawn from sale some months ago. There are non-plastic pots which can be widely bought now when your old ones need replacing. All of us can make a difference by making a few small changes.

The Trading Store

We are next open on January 18th which will be the first time next year. We are expecting the potatoes to be delivered in early February so watch out for an announcement on the website or come down to the trading store from 15th February on the Saturdays when we are open.

Your membership is now due and a new green card will be issued. The annual cost is now £4.50 or £20 for a five-year subscription.

Events Trips and Visits 2020

AGM Wednesday 15th January: all welcome

The Boughton Gardening Club may offer us seats on the coach trip to Wisley. The date is to be confirmed.

I hope to arrange a visit to the windwill at Willsborough again next year.

Summer Show at the Towers School: Saturday 8th August

The Pilgrims Hospice Fete: Saturday 1st August


I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible throughout the year