Spring 2019 Newsletter

By Jonathan Goodwin, 17th January 2023

Dear Tenants

Another year is well underway and we enjoyed the exceptionally warm conditions in late February which has helped to get an early start on sowing indoor seeds. It is ideal to get tomatoes and chillies off on a long growing season and on window sills or in a greenhouse you can sow cucumbers courgettes and squash.  Be careful of any hard frosts overnight which may still arrive and spoil all your efforts.

Potatoes can be set aside in a frost free room to start ‘chitting’ or sprouting in a light but frost-free place before planting in March /April after three days of soil temperature above 50  C.   Onions and shallots can be planted if the soil is ready.

The Trading Store

We have been busy selling the potato onion and shallot orders and now have no further any Red Barron, Golden Gourmet or  Red Sun left but still have some  Stuttgarter Giant.

We have the following bags of 2.5 kg potatoes available on a first come first served basis

Arron pilot: 2  Rocket :4 Swift :2  Cara :6  Desiree :1  Charlotte:1  Majestic :5 Carolus :2


Please come along to the trading store to renew your annual membership which remains at £4 for  2019 . We have had 44 renewals to date.  Next Opening: April 13th from 10 am til 12.00.

Events Trips and Visits 2019

We have been asked by Boughton Gardening Club if we would like to join them on two coach trips in May and July. See the website for more details


The show schedule will be sent out soon so please make a big effort to support our summer show and enter some produce. It is not difficult and a fun way to see how your crops compare to other tenants. There is always help and advice available.


Summer Show at the Towers School: Saturday 27 th July

The Pilgrims Hospice Fete: Saturday 3rd August

Pumpkin show: Saturday 28th October

We remain short of committee members and have a variety of posts vacant so if you feel able to support our Society by joining us please let me know by email : pennyfox1@googlemail.com to discuss which post might match your interests and experience or to find out more about each vacancy. We currently do not have a Show Secretary, Publicity Officer, Trading store Manager and Burton Farm, Wye and Beaver Field do not have a site rep.