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Can we still go to our allotments during the Coronavirus Outbreak?

On BBC Breakfast this morning MP Michael Gove was asked to clarify whether tending your allotment is acceptable under this regime. A video IS embedded below from BBC Breakfast 23rd March where he states that as long as people obey social distancing rules (2m apart at all times) then going to your allotment is ok.

This obviously is subject to change at any time and is beyond our control. We STRONGLY urge that people are sensible and use common sense so as not to spoil this opportunity for everybody else. Keep away from all other plot holders. Wear gloves when opening gates, turning taps etc and if you or a household member feel at all unwell then obey isolation rules and do not visit your allotment.

UPDATE ON ALLOTMENT’S!.You CAN go to the allotment, the government have confirmed it this morning!.Enjoy, stay safe and look after yourselves…#allotment #gardening #garden #vegpatch #stayhome #staysafe

Publiée par Rob's Allotment sur Mardi 24 mars 2020

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