Summer Show

Summer Show:

2020 Summer show: 8th August Towers School TN24 9AL – more info to follow.


2019 Summer Show Schedule Now Available:

Download this year’s list of prize categories and start planning your entries today:

Summer Show Schedule 2019

About the summer show:

Each year we hold a summer show to celebrate and reward the hard work of Ashford’s allotment holders. In the run-up to each show, our judges tour every allotment site to select the best overall and best newcomer plots.

On the day of the show, allotment holders can submit their produce in the published categories to try and impress our judging panel. Anyone can take part and there are great prizes for the best entries in each category. Everything is fun and very light-hearted.

We also fundraise on the day with teas, coffees and cakes for sale along with a raffle.

Guide to taking part in the Summer Show

  • Ours is a fun show. Sure, some people will take it far more seriously than most… but don’t expect ferocious rivalry – we want people to enjoy themselves.
  • People will be there on the day to help you sort out your exhibits and give you tips. Beginners will be shown the ropes and have things explained. Don’t be nervous! It’s fun.
  • Read the notes on the schedule carefully BEFORE YOU GATHER YOUR PRODUCE. We all make mistakes. You may need to leave stalks on fruit, for example for your entry to meet the category rules.
  • All exhibits must be the genuine produce of the exhibitor: you must have grown the flowers, fruit or veg yourself, baked the cake, made the jam etc, yourself. If you garden with a partner, you can exhibit under either name or under both names separately.
  • Size isn’t everything. Smaller, perfect stuff scores better than big, blemished produce. Veg that are too old and woody, now matter how good-looking, will not score as high as smaller, tender and perfect ones.
  • Judges may cut, break or otherwise check veg to make sure they are good all the way through and not just a pretty face. Cookery exhibits will, of course, be sampled!
  • Adults can help children with their exhibits but the child must have grown the produce (with or without help) and should be involved throughout the showing process. The idea is to get them interested, not for you to do it all for them. Children are welcome to compete in all the classes and we very much encourage them to do so.
  • When preparing your exhibits, you’re allowed to help them look their best. You can wash them carefully, and trim off damaged leaves. You are encouraged to arrange them to look as attractive as possible. Your produce will lose points for lack of freshness, so always pick as close to the morning as possible. Sometimes, if bad weather is forecast, you may want to pick the day before – if you do so, store your produce with care to make sure it doesn’t dry out.
  • When setting your produce out on the show bench, you aren’t allowed to touch anyone else’s display, and no-one except the organisers are allowed to touch yours. If there is a space crisis, ask one of the organisers to make some room for you.
  • You should return at the end of the show to collect your produce – and your prizes!
  • . . . oh, and – the judges’ decision is final. No matter what!

2019 Plot Judging Results


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